Puppy- and kitten vaccination package for only €99

Puppy- and kitten vaccination package for only €99

KittenFor a good start in life we advise for you to get your puppy/kitten vaccinated at an age of 9 and 12 weeks*. For only €99,00 your pet will be seen three times by us and vaccinated twice**.

At the first vaccination consultation we will take ample time (30 minutes) to give your pet a full health check and it’s vaccination(s). We will give you information about the right diet, dental health care, parasite treatment, pro’s and conn’s of neutering, getting a microchip for you pet and health insurance. Any other questions you may have, we are ofcourse very happy to answer at this time as well.
Your kitten will be vaccinated against feline panleucopenia virus and cat flu (feline herpes virus and calici virus), your puppy will be vaccinated against leptospiroses and parvo. At the end of the consultation you will recieve a giftbag with some information flyers and our information letter, that you can read at your own convenience at home. The giftbag also contains a sample bag of the food we recommend.

pupDuring the second consultation your pet will again get a full health and it’s second vaccination. For kittens this is a repeat of the feline panleucopenia virus and the cat flu. For puppies we now give a vaccination against leptospiroses, parvo, distemper and hepatitis***.

At 6 months we do another free check, including general health, checking if the adult teeth are complete and providing you with the best dietary advice. We can make an appointment for the neutering at this time.
You may also choose to book an appointment for the neutering of you pet at this time. You may bring your pet to the clinic in the morning and he or she can be picked up in the afternoon. The information you would otherwhise recieve at the 6 months check up you will now be given over the phone by the vet, or by the nurses at the front desk.

* This advise is valid for puppies having already recieved a vaccination against parvo and distemper at 6 weeks of age.
** Not valid in combinations with other discounts on offer.
*** For other vaccinations that may be given at this time like kennel cough or rabies please check our price list.