Home visits

De dierenarts op huisvisite

Home visits by bike

House visits

At Animal Clinic De Wetering, our vet can also visit your animal at home. The vet is able, for instance, to perform the health check and vaccinate your pet, but euthanasia can be done at home too. This way your pet can stay in his or her own environment.


Wednesday- and Friday afternoon our vet can visit you and your pet at home. The day of your appointment, the vet will call you between 1 pm and 2 pm, to discuss when the vet will be at your house, depending on the route and the number of house visits the vet has to make. The vet will visit you between 2 pm and 5 pm.


Our vet does house visits in certain districts in Amsterdam: Amsterdam Centre, Oud-Zuid, Oud-West, Oost, Rivierenbuurt, De Jordaan and De Pijp. If you would like a house visit outside of these districts, we will discuss with you whether or not this is possibly that day. Please note that in this case, additional costs apply.


When the vet visits, please make sure your pet is secured in a small place. This can either be a travel case or, for instance, the bathroom (or any small room). Just as long as the vet doesn’t need to catch the animal at your house, it is OK. Please don’t put the animal in the bedroom, since they tend to hide under the bed.

Unfortunately, our vet is unable to take food or tablets. Our vet will take suitable injections  (like vaccinations or painkillers). We would like to ask you to pay at the Animal Clinic for the house visit and (if applicable) medication. Please do so either the same day or the day after, we will make sure your patient card is updated.


Costs are based on time spent at your house and time spent on traveling to your house. Please take a look at our pricelist for an overview of all the costs. Prices mentioned are per address and excluding consultation-, vaccination-, or treatment costs.