Unfortunately when you get a pet, you also know there will be a day you will need to say goodbye.

When that moment has come, and your pet is suffering, you will need to make the decision that your pet has to be put down. Our vets will support you in making the right decision in this situation. They can decide what the chances are on recovery, whether or not your pet is suffering, how its health is at that point in time, etc. When the vet has checked all of the above our vet might decide the best thing to do for the animal is for it to be euthanized. Please note, that the vet will never decide to euthanize a healthy animal.

Losing a pet, many times a true family member, is very difficult. Therefore we believe it is essential that a family takes their time to say goodbye.


The vet performs euthanasia either at the Clinic or at your home. We strive to make this process as painless and peaceful as possible. We will inform you of the procedure beforehand, so you will know what will happen next. It depends on the animal how euthanasia is done. We make sure there is time enough to say goodbye so you will feel comfortable with your decision.

First the breathing will stop and after a while the heart will stop too. You could still see some muscle movement. This is something the body does automatically; your pet doesn’t feel anything anymore. A last gasp of air is also normal; this is a reflex of the body. Usually animals keep their eyes open when they pass away. You can see their pupils dilate; another sign the animal has passed away. With some animals we will see urine and feaces, since the whole body relaxes.

The vet will always check the heart to make sure the heart has stopped beating. Afterwards there is always enough time for the owners to say goodbye to the animal.

What are your options when your pet has passed away?

  • You can take your animal home and bury it in your garden;
  • You can leave your pet at the Clinic and the Animal Ambulance picks it up for destruction;
  • We can contact the Animal Cremation Centre for you, you can decide if you want your pet to be cremated with other animals or even individually. You can also decide whether you want to keep its ashes at home.

In Memoriam

When your pet has passed away and you would like it to be remembered, please send us a photo with text by our contact form. We will make sure your pet gets a nice place at our ‘In Memoriam’ website so you can share your memories.