Veterinary Interns

Veterinary Interns

A veterinary intern is a veterinary student in the last phase of their degree to become a veterinarian. Our veterinary students introduce themselves on our Facebook page.

Veterinary college
To become a veterinarian you have to attain a 6 year university diploma of Veterinary Medicine. This is a study with a fixed number of students that can enroll into the program every year. This means potential students are allotted to attain a place in the university. Students have to choose a specific type of veterinary medicine early in there student career. The directions are, small animal medicine, large animal medicine and/or horses.

During the study there are several theoretic years, and in the last years of university, students have different types of internships. One of these is the external internships, in which students go outside of the university hospital and join a local veterinary clinic for 6-8 weeks.

External Internships:
During these internships, students that have chosen small animal medicine come to our clinic for 6-8 weeks. We are one of 10 clinics in The Netherlands that educate veterinary interns!
During this internship, students learn different aspects of veterinary medicine. What do veterinary nursus do, how do you communicate with customers at the front desk and over the phone, how are different types of laboratory tests performed and what is a practical approach to all the different animals and medical problems that enter our clinic, they also assist the veterians in surgical procedures.

You may run into one of our interns during a visit to our veterinary clinic. Our interns are aloud to choose 2 appointments a day, for which they have some extra time to take a full history and do the first clinical examination. After this they will discuss their findings with one of the senior veterinarians and a treatment plan will be made for your pet. Your pet will be checked again by the senior veterinarian so nothing can be missed. If you prefer not to be seen by one of our interns, please let us know before the appointment.